The vast majority of all classified transactions are genuine, especially with NepYou Pages where many of the transactions take place face-to-face. However, occasionally our customers might be targeted by scams. When you buy anything online, be smart. Make sure you check… price comparison websites and different search engines to get the best deal, the name and full address of the seller and the Terms and Conditions.

These scams can be avoided if you know what to look out for. Please read the below to get a better understanding of the risks and the ways to protect yourself.


Meeting the buyer

Most private advertisers sell their goods from home. For personal ease and safety, always ensure that there is a friend with you before you allow someone into your home.

Meeting the seller

We would always recommend meeting sellers at their home address where the item for sale is situated. This is particularly useful when buying a larger more expensive item e.g. a car. Also take the opportunity if applicable to see the item working.

Valuable items

When selling valuable items – such as a car – you should ask for a personal cheque to be cleared before you part with your goods, and offer a receipt as proof of purchase.

Accepting money

For items that are worth only a few pounds, it‘s easier and more convenient to pay in cash. To be safe, when you go to visit the person selling the item you are interested in, don‘t take more money than you are planning on spending.

NepYou Pages recommends that buyers NEVER send goods before receiving money.

I‘ve sent the advertiser my money but he has not sent the goods.

Unfortunately, we are unable to interfere in the private transactions between a buyer and a seller.

The advertiser wants me to send cash up front – what should I do?

Don‘t do it. NepYou Pages recommends that buyers NEVER send cash or cheques through the post, or place money directly into a seller‘s bank account, in advance of receiving goods.

Buyer beware!

Once you have bought an item from a private seller, you have no legal comeback if it turns out to be faulty. Therefore, check the goods thoroughly before handing over the money. If the seller still has the receipts, or a warranty, so much the better.

Keep records

If travel is involved in the transaction, always remember to write down the contact details of the people you are visiting, or the people who are visiting you. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to make the appointment, notify them in advance. If you are travelling to view or deliver an item contact the other party first to check they will be available.

Manufacturer’s safety: pushchair

Some pushchair manufacturers provide free hinge covers as an added safety feature on models purchased before 2009. Please see manufacturers‘ websites for details.